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  • Global Hotel Alliance Announces 2017 Results
    Global Hotel Alliance ("GHA") the world's largest alliance of independent hotel brands and operator of the award-winning, multi-brand loyalty programme, DISCOVERY, today revealed its 2017 results.Overall room-revenue produced by the DISCOVERY loyalt...
  • The Break Hotel Selects KEYPR As Partner for Guest Experience Technology
    KEYPR, the leading cloud-based technology platform for the hospitality industry providing an integrated end-to-end experience for guests and staff through embedded and mobile devices, announced today that The Break Hotel will be implementing its exp...
  • Focus on the Future - IHG | By Pascal Gauvin
    In the lead up to the 2018 Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC), we asked a number of industry partners what their focus for the future is.Today, investors ultimately select brands based upon strong operations, distribution, production, revenu...
  • Seven Ways To Maximize Holiday Banquet Sales Now | By Beth Goodell
    1. Schedule Two TurnsCreate specific reservation times for private parties, so you can guarantee two turns per lunch or dinner service periods. For instance, schedule a 5:30pm event that must end by 7:30pm, and then a second reservation at 8:00pm. T...
  • Hotel ADA Website Compliance - What You Need to Know
    To understand their frustrations in navigating a site is to understand what it means to make your hotel website "ADA compliant". You need to view it from their perspective. That is, putting yourself in the place of a disabled person will better help...

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Why Choose A Motel Over A Hotel?

Planning where to stay is a necessity¬†when traveling, more likely when you are on a limited budget. Based on your state, you may think that if the cost is okay, it doesn't matter where you choose to stay though … Read More

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Why Choose A Motel Over A Hotel?

Planning where to stay is a necessity¬†when traveling, more likely when you are on a limited budget. Based on your state, you may think that if the cost is okay, it doesn’t matter where you choose to stay though sacrificing quality over price is nota good idea.

When considering money, it is best to book a motel rather than a hotel. A motel gives you more facilities, more room to spread out and feels more friendly and relaxing, allowing you to enjoy your stay fully. After busy days full of activities such as bike riding, there’s nothing like coming home to a motel complex and being able to kick off your shoes and unwind.

Unlike hotels, the atmosphere in a motel is more homely; you do not feel that you have to dress up to go down to the lobby and ask for directions and the kids can amuse themselves without upsetting the neighbors. The pace of life at a motel is more comfortable and relaxed than being in a hotel, and the staff usually have more time to stop and chat. Motel owners pride themselves on their local knowledge, and that’s always a bonus when you want to make and get the most out of your stay and choose the most appropriate activities for your group.

Booking into a motel is usually cheaper than booking into a hotel, meaning you can save more money for the things you want to do. You can also save money by cooking your meals in the well-equipped kitchens that are commonplace in motel units. Most hotel rooms have only basic kitchen facilities, and the room service menu is all too tempting. By cooking in your motel or using the barbecue facilities that most motels have on offer, you will have a lot of vacation money left to do something outrageous.

Motels aren’t without their luxuries of course. For example, a motel is more likely to give you access to a heated pool to help you relax those aching muscles if you’ve stretched more muscles than you expected.

Motels provide cheap holiday accommodation options for groups, individuals, couples and for families, which include self-contained studios to spacious single bedroom apartments and one double bedroom apartment. So, if you are a looking for individual, group, couples or family accommodation take a look at the motel accommodation options rather than hotels.

Hotels certainly have their place, but if you want a holiday where you can feel as relaxed as you are at home, then booking into a motel is certainly a sensible option. There are plenty to choose from, and it won’t be difficult to find precisely the right motel for you.