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5 Things to Avoid Touching at a Motel

You’ve probably seen all the videos about things going bad during a hotel or motel stay. When you decide to spend time at a hotel or a motel, you are accepting being exposed to germs, viruses, and bacteria that you don’t know of. Of course, you should expect basic maintenance …

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5 Tips to Pick the Right Motel Online

A motel is an affordable and accessible option for people who usually travel long distances. If you usually tend to travel by car or on your motorbike, then staying in a motel might be the best option. You can book a room for a day or several days where you …

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What to Expect at a Motel?

A lot of people choose to stay in motels because they are cheap and more convenient than hotels. If you are looking for a one-night accommodation, then a cheap motel might be a more budget-friendly option. But if you have never tried to stay at a motel before, you might …

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How to Design the Perfect Motel Room

Are you planning to run your own motel? This is a profitable business if you know how to manage it right. In order to leave a good impression, you will have to make sure that your room is like a home away from home. Here are some tips that will …

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Difference between a motel and a hotel

Hotel and a motel might be that similar but what separates them from each other? Many people do not know what are the difference between a hotel and a motel and might get confused on choosing where to stay when they travel. If you also do not know the difference …

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