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Difference between a motel and a hotel

Hotel and a motel might be that similar but what separates them from each other? Many people do not know what are the difference between a hotel and a motel and might get confused on choosing where to stay when they travel. If you also do not know the difference between the two this blog site will explain it to you for you to avoid choosing the wrong one and may affect your experience and make you lose money and did not enjoy it.


A hotel is the one with a larger scale of things to offer for tourists such as their amenities, restaurants, swimming pool, spa and the list can go on and on. Most of the hotels can also host conferences or big events where it is more advantageous to business trips. The hotel is leveled by how many star rating it has to scale from one to five the more stars the hotel has the better the hotel is.


The word motel was inspired by the term motorist’s hotel. Motels are commonly located on open highways which can accommodate travelers who travel in a long distance. Most of the motels are designed to have a parking lot just next to your room in order for you to have a more convenient time in checking your car or even if you already decided to check out and go it can be easier.


Other things you need to know

Hotels can be more expensive than motels but this will depend also on the star rating of the hotel, the location, what they offer and the amenities while the motel offers a lower price due to limited amenities, location and the room is basic compared what you can experience staying on a hotel. A hotel is a place where guest can stay for only a short period of time but can provide you amenities more than you need and it is also a place where enjoy and have a time of your life. While a motel is only designed for you to stay whenever you are on a trip if you want to stay for a long time then a motel is a better choice for you. Motels do not offer amenities such as pools, Jacuzzis, fitness gyms and many more while in a hotel you can have a more likely chance to experience these things such as the things said above. Some hotels offer karaoke rooms, billiard rooms, casinos, spa and many more. To be short if you want to spend a vacation with your family with high expectations and the right budget a hotel is very suitable for you, just by staying at the hotel can give you a life-long memory not counting the fact that you can also enjoy the city the hotel is located. While if you are only for trips alone and has a limited budget going to a motel is not bad also it is more convenient than a hotel if you want to go in and out of your room.


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